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Nationwide Practice

nationwide-practice-liles-harrisThe lawyers of the Texas law firm of Bryan K. Harris PC have represented clients nationwide for well over a decade. These clients reach us either directly from client inquiries or as a result of other lawyers requesting assistance from Bryan K. Harris PC to work on the case together. Clients in Texas, as well as around the country and from Mexico, come to us for our knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to aggressively pursue all those responsible for the serious injuries to them or their loved one. After conducting our investigation into the issues, and after consulting, if necessary, nationwide experts on the various complex issues to your case, we hire the necessary lawyers to help us in the local area where the lawsuit needs to be brought to maximize the potential case value.

Whether you are a client or a lawyer looking to joint venture your client’s case, call the lawyers of Bryan K. Harris PC to discuss how best to maximize your case value with the knowledge, experience, and resources of Bryan K. Harris PC.

With many years of experience representing clients nationwide, the lawyers at Bryan K. Harris PC have experience efficiently handling case expenses to minimize concerns about lawyers who may be at a distance. When tragedy strikes unexpectedly and seriously injures you or your loved one, your family’s best interests are served with lawyers who have the knowledge and experience needed to handle the critical investigation and to identify all those who may be liable in order to maximize your recovery. The lawyers at Bryan K. Harris PC will work hard to get you the full compensation your deserve for your injuries. They will work closely with local attorneys throughout the United States or Mexico, and combine those attorneys’ knowledge or local procedures with the law firm’s ability to determine who is liable and maximize the value of your claims. All of this is accounted for in the one price you pay for representation.