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sexual abuse attorney texasPeople have become increasingly aware of sexual abuse and child molestation cases. This is due to a large volume of reports coming from the media on cases of sexual abuse and molestation committed by clerics, other members of the church, coaches, and other people in leadership positions. While in large part the churches and educational institutions have kept quiet on these issues, victims have made their abuse cases public.

Sexual abuse is a heinous offense, not only against the victim, but against society as well. Child molestation is a monstrous crime that robs our children of innocence and has long-term emotional and psychological ramifications for the victim. Victims often experience feelings of depression, anxiety, shame, and the propensity for self-destructive behavior.

If you believe a family member or loved one has been a victim of abuse or otherwise needs to speak with the Texas sexual abuse lawyers at Bryan K. Harris PC, call today. We offer victims of sexual assault and child molestation educated yet sensitive legal help to get financial compensation for the suffering they have endured.

Child Sex Abuse Attorney

While church abuse cases are among the well-known instances of sexual abuse and molestation that involve children as victims, these cases can also occur in school and at home. A common scenario would be sexual abuse committed by a stepfather against a stepdaughter or by a teacher against a minor student. Other perpetrators may include coaches, doctors, therapists, daycare workers, and counselors.

One of the biggest challenges in exposing sexual predators is getting victims to come forward. Many times, years will pass before abuse victims are willing to shed light on the matter.

If you believe a younger loved one or family member has been victimized by a sexual predator, encourage them to come forward. Law enforcement officials are best equipped to offer child molestation help from a criminal standpoint. However, the victims of such crimes may be entitled to bring civil actions, too. Bryan K. Harris PC can help fight for compensation for the victim from the abuser.

Seeking compensation with the help of a Texas sexual abuse lawyer will not erase the damage the abuse caused. But it can help the victim regain control of his or her life, fund counseling and other medical treatment, and help start the healing process.

At Bryan K. Harris PC, we offer sincere, compassionate assistance throughout the process. Our attorneys are experienced in working with victims and in aggressively pursuing these cases in court.

Should you need legal help, speak with the sexual abuse lawyers at Bryan K. Harris PC today.