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Roof Crush Injury Accidents

Roof Crush Accident InjuriesThe roof of a vehicle is designed to withstand impact during an accident. This is known in the automotive industry as being “crashworthy.” When the vehicle’s roof is not strong enough, it may cause bodily harm to its driver and passengers.

Roof crush injuries are common in rollover accidents. For this reason, the vehicle’s roof is supposed to remain intact in the event that it flips over or when a heavy object lands on top of the vehicle. When it doesn’t, the roof crush attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC can help.

Defective or substandard roofs can crush the vehicle’s occupants. Its parts may also act as piercing objects, which could cause cuts and bruises to the driver and passengers. Either way, car roof crush accidents may result in grave injuries or even death.

Auto Manufacturer’s Duties for Industry Standards of Roofs

Auto manufacturers have the duty to design and produce vehicles that are safe and reliable. Accordingly, they are bound by industry standards to install crashworthy roofs that protect the vehicle’s occupants from harm should an accident occur.

Failure on the part of auto manufacturers to produce crashworthy vehicles and parts can make them accountable for the resulting injuries in the event of accidents.

If you have been injured on account of a car roof crush accident, you may have a legal cause of action against auto manufacturers. The roof crush attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC offer valuable assistance should you decide to pursue a claim for compensation related to the injuries sustained.

Vehicle Roof Crush Statistics

Rollover vehicle accidents account for 250,000 deaths each year in the U.S., many involving vehicle roof crush incidents. According to statistics, car roof crush accidents also account for 10,000 deaths on U.S. roadways every year.

SUVs and similarly designed vehicles are more prone to rollover accidents due to their shape and weight distribution. In the same way, these vehicles also have a greater propensity to cause vehicle roof crush injuries.

Compensation in Roof Crush Accidents

Victims of car roof crush accidents may seek compensation that can include:

Medical expenses: This includes amounts spent to pay for past medical and hospitalization bills and future treatment costs. Medical expenses also cover costs of medicines, medical care, and assistance. If the victim suffered spinal cord damage, paralysis, or permanent brain damage, he or she may be entitled to receive lifelong compensation for medical expenses.

Lost wages: This amount could cover lost wages and other potential income, which the victim could have earned during the period he or she was injured. The law allows recovery for losses sustained on account of such injuries.

Damages on account of pain and suffering: As a result of the pain and suffering that the victim endured as a result of the accident and resulting injuries, the law allows him or her to seek compensation.

Should you decide to pursue a claim for compensation for roof crush injuries, the product liability attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC will work closely with you to determine the best course of action to take. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.