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Rollover Accident Attorneys Corpus Christi TexasMany Americans take to the roads every day in SUVs, minivans, and trucks. Often, because they are in larger vehicles, they feel more secure. Automotive companies market sport utility vehicles and trucks as rough-and-tumble vehicles that can withstand any challenge. Unfortunately, rollover accident lawyers know this isn’t always true.

By far the deadliest risk facing SUV, minivan, and truck occupants is a rollover accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the statistics on rollover accidents are astonishing:

  • More than 280,000 rollover accidents are reported each year.
  • Of these, more than 11,000 are fatal accidents.
  • More than half of all single-vehicle accident fatalities are rollovers.

Of the rollovers reported each year, more than 90% are single-vehicle crashes. Often the rollover occurs because a vehicle ran off the road due to poor weather, speeding, or poor road conditions.

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Rollover Accident Causes

Why do rollover accidents occur? SUVs and trucks have a high center of gravity and narrow track width, which can make a vehicle unstable in fast turns or sharp changes of direction — increasing the odds that it will tip over once it begins to skid sideways. Despite the higher risk of SUV rollover accidents, these vehicles often are not equipped with basic roll bars.

Rollover accident lawyers know that the problem is most pronounced in four-wheel-drive pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, which have a higher ground clearance for off-road driving, however there is often a high risk for van rollover accidents, too.

Safety Standards for Rollovers

Neither cars nor trucks and SUV’s are subject to a federal rollover standard, even though pressure for such a requirement has been building. To help predict which vehicles might have a greater likelihood to roll over in single-vehicle accidents, NHTSA introduced a rollover rating system in 2001.

Reported on a five-star system, the Rollover Resistance Ratings are based on an engineering analysis of each vehicle’s center of gravity and the width between the front tires. The results are compared with police accident reports for confirmation. In its rating system, five stars equals a rollover risk of less than 10 percent, while one star indicates a greater than 40 percent rollover risk.

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