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Defective Seat Belt Injuries Attorneys

Seat Belt Injury Lawyers TexasSeat belts are designed to reduce the risk of injuries or death. According to research, this safety device decreases fatality risks by 45 percent. However, defective seat belt attorneys know that these safety devices can also cause serious physical injuries.

While seat belts are designed to hold down the vehicle’s occupant during an accident, it should be noted that only the main torso is restrained. Uncontrolled head jerking is not stopped during head-on collisions, which can result in whiplash and head injuries. In addition, seat belts also contribute to spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other internal injuries.

If you or your loved ones incurred seat belt injuries in an auto accident, the defective seat belt attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC can help.

Symptoms of Seat Belt Injuries

Symptoms of seat belt injuries include abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, presence of blood in urine and/or stool, whiplash or neck injuries, spine injuries, and weakened legs.

If you or your loved ones are experiencing these symptoms after a car accident, seek medical treatment and call the defective seat belt attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC. We can help you pursue claim for compensation on account of injuries sustained.

Seat Belt Injuries in Rollovers

The number of rollover accidents has increased as more SUVs, light trucks, and pickup trucks are sold. Light trucks, which are more prone to rollovers than cars because of their higher centers of gravity, now account for more than half of all new vehicles sold.

Current designs of seat belts are reportedly inadequate in rollover crashes. The design of SUVs and pickup trucks are also posing too great a risk of rolling over.

Automakers regularly state that the drivers and passengers killed during rollovers died because they were not wearing seat belts; standing in contrast to this claim is the fact that seat belt use is at an all-time high level.

The primary benefit of a seat belt in rollovers is to prevent ejection. Yet in many rollover accidents, seat belts fail to perform as expected. Seat belts can release during impact, allowing properly seat belted occupants to move within the vehicle or even be completely ejected out of the vehicle.

For numerous reasons, properly seat belted occupants can be injured in rollover collisions because of defects in the vehicle’s safety equipment. In SUV rollover accidents where the roof was crushed, even properly seat belted occupants can be injured or killed.

If you or your loved ones have suffered seat belt injuries in a car, truck or SUV accident, call the experienced defective product attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC today. Our defective seat belt attorneys have the resources and expertise to help you get the compensation you are entitled to.