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Texas Fraud Attorneys Corpus ChristiFraud occurs when a person or company uses misleading information for financial gain. In terms of business or corporate fraud, these misrepresentations can come in many forms. It is particularly common when entering into a contract or within a business partnership.

Businesses and corporations that become victims of fraudulent acts can suffer serious setbacks.

Victims of fraud need experienced advocates to protect their legal rights and assets. The fraud attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC have the resources and skills to successfully navigate even the most complex business fraud litigation.

Types of Business and Corporate Fraud

Contract disputes are often a source of fraud claims, but are certainly not the only situations in which an individual or business can be defrauded.

Business fraud litigation can focus on an isolated incident, such as an individual or business entering into a contract based on fraudulent information, or it can be much larger and complex. Our fraud attorneys handle cases involving:

  • Commercial or residential real estate transactions
  • Conspiracy
  • Contract disputes, including breach of contract
  • Corporate embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Investment and securities fraud
  • Oral and written business agreements

Every case and every act of fraud is different. Even if the circumstances in your case do not fall into the above categories, you may still have a valid claim for business fraud. Our fraud attorneys can discuss your situation during a free case evaluation and advise you regarding the legal issues specific to your circumstances.

Building a Case For Fraud

One of the most challenging aspects of business fraud litigation is proving the intent to defraud. Our attorneys have extensive experience in this area.

Uncovering evidence of corporate fraud often involves an exhaustive process of reviewing business contracts, going through emails, researching accounting records, and recovering information stored on computer hard drives.

After reviewing all applicable documentation and building a strong case, our fraud attorneys will be able to calculate the financial damages that resulted from the fraud, to identify potential defendants, and to determine the liability for each.

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Being the victim of fraud can have long-lasting and devastating consequences for your business. Those who prey on businesses for their own financial gain should be brought to justice and held liable for the damages they’ve caused.

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