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Product Liability

Product Liability Lawyer

Every year in Texas and across the United States, innocent people are injured and even killed because of dangerous and defective products. Whether you’ve suffered injuries as a result of faulty automotive parts, unsafe medications, poorly designed industrial equipment or a wide range of other dangerous household items, a product liability attorney at Bryan K. Harris PC can help.

The defective product lawyers of Bryan K. Harris PC have handled numerous cases of products that, through either faulty design or manufacturing, caused injuries or death to unsuspecting consumers.

Our product liability attorneys believe that product makers, including component part manufacturers or knowing retailers, have a responsibility to make safe products or warn of the dangerous conditions in their products to prevent consumers from getting hurt during foreseeable uses of the products.

When these parties fail in their responsibilities, consumers have the legal right to seek compensation for the injuries, damages, pain and suffering they endured. The product liability attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC can help.

Types of Product Liability Claims

For almost any product, liability claims will fall into one of three categories: defective design, defective manufacturing, and improper warnings. Our defective product lawyers handle any of these types of claims for the following potentially hazardous products:
Airbags: This safety feature comes standard in all new vehicles. When working properly, they can save lives in a crash. However, if the airbag fails to deploy or deploys improperly, it can result in worse injuries for drivers and passengers.

Rollovers: Truck, minivan and SUV rollover accidents often occur because these vehicles have a high center of gravity and narrow track width. This causes instability in the vehicle in certain driving situations.

Roof Crush: Failure to design automobiles that have safe roofs can put the vehicles’ inhabitants at serious risk for injury or death in a rollover accident.

Seatbelts: This is another safety feature of most automobiles that can produce serious injury or death when it works improperly. In fact, even when working as designed, seatbelts can lead to serious injuries in an accident.

Tire Defects: Tire problems are one of the most common contributors to auto accidents. Forms of tire failure include tire tread separations, tire defects, and tire blowouts. When one of these issues occurs, the potential for injury and even death is high for the vehicle’s driver and passengers.

Industrial Machinery: Among the most hazardous workplaces in the United States are industrial settings. Defective industrial machinery can have a deadly impact for the equipment operator and other workers, including explosions, limb loss, serious burns and more.

Medical Devices: There are hundreds of medical devices used by medical practitioners every day to treat a wide range of conditions. When there are shortcuts taken in the design, testing and production phase, or when doctors don’t use these devices in an FDA-approved way, the patient can experience even more serious medical problems.

Dangerous Drugs: The manufacturers of prescription drugs have the responsibility to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of their drugs. When defective prescription drugs cause further illness or even kill the patient, the liable parties should be held responsible.

Defective Household Products: Electrical appliances, furniture, personal grooming items and other seemingly harmless items around your house have the potential to cause serious injury or death when defective either in design or manufacturing, and with improper label warnings.

Get Help With Product Liability Claims

You have the right to go after the parties responsible for injuries that resulted from a defective item. The defective product lawyers at Bryan K. Harris PC will help determine whether you may have a product liability claim.  We are located in Corpus Christi, Texas but can assist clients Nationwide.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a product that failed due to a defective condition of that product, talk to an injury attorney today by calling 361-992-9646 or toll free 1-888-587-9910.