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Breach of Fiduciary Duty Attorneys

Breach of Fiduciary Duty AtorneysA breach of fiduciary duty occurs when an individual, partnership or corporation neglects or fails to act according to the standard of care and diligence required under the circumstances. The aggrieved party is given a legal cause of action to file a lawsuit to recover damages he or she has suffered.

In addition to a trust relationship, instances of breach of fiduciary duty may arise in relationships between lawyers and clients, between business partners, or between persons whose relationship is founded on mutual trust and confidence.

Our corporate law attorneys represent parties in actions involving breach of fiduciary duty. Our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in pursuing claims against trustees or other parties who abused the trust and confidence placed in them by failing to act in good faith.

Types of Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims

We represent clients in actions involving breach of fiduciary duty, including:

  • Abuse of trust or confidence committed by a business partner or any person holding any position characterized by the special trust or confidence vested in him or her;
  • Ethical violations or similar transgressions committed by a real estate or securities broker;
  • Fraud, gross incompetence, and mismanagement committed by a trustee, executor or administrator, guardian or conservator;
  • Fraud, misrepresentation, gross negligence, or gross incompetence on the part of a securities broker; or
  • Other acts that involve breach of fiduciary duty.

Who Can Be a Negligent Party?

Breach of fiduciary duty claims can be made against:

  • Banks
  • Board of directors
  • Financial institutions
  • Guardians
  • Individuals
  • Medical doctors
  • Partners
  • Shareholders
  • Trust companies

Experienced and Compassionate Representation

At Bryan K. Harris PC, we work closely with our clients in cases involving breaches of fiduciary duties. We take the time help you understand your case, fully explaining your rights and the legal processes involved.

Our breach of fiduciary duty attorneys are well-equipped to pursue actions against boards of directors, shareholders, trustees, executors and administrators, guardians and conservators, business partners, and more.

If you have suffered losses because of actions that constitute breach of fiduciary duty, you should not hesitate to speak with the attorneys at Bryan K. Harris PC today.