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Tire Defects / Failures

Tire Defects Accidents

The recall of defective Firestone tires and Ford Explorer rollovers have been in the news now for years. Bridgestone and Firestone were forced to recall millions of their ATX, ATX II and Firestone Wilderness radial tires due to tire tread separation, which was causing sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to lose control and roll over.

Many other tire manufacturers have also had similar tire tread separation problems. These tire manufacturers include: Continental General Tire Company, Cooper Tire Company, Kelly Springfield Tire, Dunlop Tire, Goodyear Tire, Kumho Tire, and others. When a tire tread separation occurs at highway speed, a rollover is too often the result.

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Texas tire defects attorney Bryan K. Harris has spent years working as a personal injury attorney and tire failure litigation. He recognizes the experts that must be retained. He brings the necessary experts, resources, and dedication to resolve each case in a favorable manner in favor of you.